Thursday, February 22, 2007

Intermediate Video Spring '07: Visiting Artist Brody Condon

Post your thoughts of Brody Condon.


Blogger mrche said...

For me, this was the best visiting artist that I have seen here yet. Maybe it was it was up front and I could hear everything he was saying... but definitely not a bad one. Growing up as a semi-gamer, I think that he brought up a good point with his piece 'Adam Killer' -- how violence and its meaning is totally separate in the virtual world from that in the "real" world. Its ironic that I was thinking about this the other day; I was asking myself why I enjoy playing the first person shooter type of games... but would never do that to anyone in reality? It as an interesting question. Hikaru thinks that it might be in everyone's subconscious and that playing these games is a way to relieve the tension and violence that builds up within us, atleast that's the impression I get. I think that if I had performed the same 'experiment' with a friend's face on the 3d model, I would, like Brody, still play for hours because I know that's not really him.

Also, his exploration of space and the spacial comparison between the real and virtual world with pieces such as 'Worship' or the Elvis one I really like. Really extending the work of Bruce Nauman further into our other dimensions. I think that the digital world is a new place that we're starting to enter with the MMORPGs(sp?), games like the sims, WoW, and Second Life. It's a pretty creepy place since it sound something like the Matrix but its definitely turning into something.


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