Thursday, September 14, 2006

Exquisite Corpse

I am very interested to see where this project goes. I have participated in similar projects in the past and the results are usually quite fascinating.


Blogger mademoisellise said...

Me as well. Quite intrigued indeed...

But mostly, I HATE in-camera editing. Haven't done that shit in years. How frustrating. Can we never do that again? If we do, I might strangle myself with the ribbon from the DV tape. Nothing like being unable to fix things in FinalCut...


11:48 PM  
Blogger damian said...

matt: done other projects like these? might be fun to view them in class if you got them.

elise: and you stumbled on one of the very reasons behind the project; which is to have you focus on shot composition and execution. one of the drawbacks of video, as opposed to film, is that shots aren't considered know that you can make mistakes and repair them later...whereas with film..the processing expenses alone really encourage the drive for perfection.

do not despair, this will be the only in-camera project in this class.

and the benefit of this being a group project: it encourages community and working togeether, which i think is one of the essential elements to media one works in a vacuum.

so hopefully none of your classmates will drop the ball!!!

good luck!,


3:15 PM  

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